PHP bindings for Armadillo.
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PHP bindings for Armadillo.

1. Introduction

This extension aims at providing a high-performance and easy-to-use native linear algebra library for PHP, which contains PHP bindings for major functionalities of the Armadillo library.

This extension is currently under development. Many funtionalities are not yet implemented, or otherwise may change greatly in the future.

2. Requirements

Dependency Requirements
Operating system Unix-like (Linux, macOS, ...)
PHP version 7.1 and above
C++ compiler has C++17 support (gcc 7, clang 5, ...)
Armadillo latest stable release

3. Documentation

The documentation for php-armadillo is coming soon. Before that, the following items may help you understand how to use this extension.

4. Examples

Here is a simple example for using php-armadillo.

// Create a 3x3 dense matrix with random complex numbers as elements. 
$mat = Arma\CxDMat::init(3, 3, Arma\Fill::RANDN);
// Print the matrix to STDOUT.
// Set the value of element at row 2 col 2 to 1.0+j2.0.
$mat->at(1, 1)->setTo(Arma\cx_double(1., 2.));
// Calculate the matrix inverse and save to file in HDF5 format.
$mat->i()->save('mat.hdf5', Arma\FileType::HDF5_BINARY);