Implementation of Unlambda, an esoteric programming language.
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Implementation of Unlambda, an esoteric programming language.


The u6a project provides a bytecode compiler and a runtime system for the Unlambda programming language.

Ideas behind this implementation can be found here.

Getting Started


# (If not already) Install the required build tools.
sudo apt install build-essential automake
# (If you want to run tests) Install DejaGnu.
sudo apt install dejagnu
# Generate configuration script.
autoreconf --install
# Execute configuration script with desired options.
./configure --prefix=$HOME
# Compile source code and generate executables.
# (Optional) Run tests.
make check
# (Optional) Install executables and man pages.
make install


# Compile an Unlambda source file into bytecode.
u6ac -o foo.unl.bc foo.unl
# Execute the bytecode file.
u6a foo.unl.bc

See u6ac(1) and u6a(1) man pages for details.

Future Plans

  • Interactive debugger: u6adb
  • More compile-time optimizations
  • More test cases
  • LLVM backend for u6ac