PHP bindings for Boost.Asio
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Travis-CI MIT license

1. About

This extension is a PHP wrapper for the Boost.Asio library, which provides a high-performance event-driven model for network I/O.

Now php-asio is in development, do not use it in production.

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome.

2. Documentation

See the Wiki page for documentation.

Signatures of classes and functions can be found within stubs/ directory, with PHPDoc.

There are also some test cases in the tests/ directory.

3. TODO list

  • Fix memory leak. (Priority: high)
  • Multi-threading support. (Priority: medium)
  • Add support for serial ports. (Priority: low)
  • Add socket onReadable() onWritable() onError() methods (with Boost version 1.66 and above). (Priority: low)
  • Add support for Windows. (Priority: low)